A BBQ in the garden Summer 2013 before plans were finalised
A BBQ in the garden Summer 2013 before plans were finalised

Hi, I am Mick Dowling a retired former petrochemicals executive. My project to keep me active now that I have a bit of spare time is to build my own home. I plan to keep a record of what I am up to here Рmainly for the benefit of my friends and family (particularly my daughter and her family who live overseas).  Anyone else is welcome and please drop by any time to see what I have been up to!

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  1. Hi, Mick- I found your blog while working on a PowerPoint presentation on ‘problem wound healing’. I ‘googled’ demolition to find an image to illustrate an analogy of wound healing as a building project. I wonder if it would be OK with you for me to use your photograph (with attribution, of course) in my presentation? It is the one labelled ‘the rough stuff begins’…
    Congratulations, BTW- and it is fine if you prefer to decline, II found a few others that would work as well.

  2. Hi Mick,

    I have found your blog online and its great what you are doing. I am about to start a self build myself with a basement, is there any chance I could email you and ask some questions?

    many thanks


  3. Hi Mick
    I stumbled across the link Clare sent me ages ago but I hadn’t realised! A great idea keeping this website and I look forward to seeing how the house progresses! Very exciting, I hope you are enjoying the project! X

  4. Hi Mick
    Fantastic idea to share the progress with us all – look forward to following the action each week. What is the overall timeframe?

    1. Hi Andy,

      I am hoping the timber frame will go up during May & June. Then a couple more months for the brick skin, windows, roof tiles etc. to make it weathertight. Finishing inside depends a lot on how the budget goes. If to save costs it is up to me to do most of the internal fit out then it could be a while!!

      Great to hear from you

  5. Dad,

    I think that this is an excellent way to record the project. I am glad that you are making regular logs, as a keen diarist myself I am sure that you will look back at your account and ask – did that really happen!
    Really enjoying your updates so far; keep up the good work!

    P.S. Sid and I would like to bury a time capsule under the cellar let us know when you are planning the first concrete pour. . .

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