Some background

The existing house in Summer 2013
The existing house in Summer 2013
The front of the house
The front of the house

This is the house which was bought by my mother-in-law in 1981 and was bought by my parents in 2000 after she had passed away. It dates back to the 1950s and although by those standards it was well built, now it is a little tired and in need of significant work to bring it up to modern standards.

I moved into the house in 2011, and originally considered wide ranging renovations to bring it up to scratch but eventually decided it was going to cost too much and the money would be more wisely spent on a new build (zero rated for VAT – which is an important consideration).

The house sits in a lovely half acre plot with views over surrounding farm land. The plot is quite valuable because the villages of Goring and Streatley share a train service to London and so this is commuter territory.

View from first floor bedroom over Bishop's farm Streatley
View from first floor bedroom over Bishop’s farm Streatley

So the plan is to build a lovely traditional 4 bedroom house in place of the old chalet bungalow. Although it will look very traditional from the outside it will be built using very modern building technology to make it very energy efficient.

5 thoughts on “Some background”

  1. An amazing project! Looks fantastic. Just back from the south to receive your Christmas wishes. All is well in Canada. I would love your mailing address.

  2. This is such an exciting project Mick and I look forward to seeing it develop day by day, week by week. Once the structural side is complete, (or anytime before) I repeat my offer to help in any way as long as I get paid the agreed £1 an hour wages and some beer!

  3. Good work Dad; I always new that your heart was not in that oil industry nonsense! Looking forward to helping on the build and supplying some top quality Austrian pellet boiler technology to bring the house up the CforSH ranking. Jim

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