Mick Popularity score = 2 all, Tom completes the hat trick

A very busy day, the first delivery of bricks and multiple visits from neighbours.

First brick delivery
First brick delivery

I am having the bricks delivered now to get them into the back garden where they will be out of the way. I have also been told that because of the mini-boom in house building bricks are on long lead times. Drama when he tried to drive down the ramp into the back garden. Because of the recent rain the chalk has become slippery and the lorry started to slide sideways! The pumpBack fill-2 arrived and so the 4″ of water in the bottom of the basement has now been pumped out.

Repairing the electricity supply
Repairing the electricity supply


Meanwhile, Tom managed to sever the mains electricity supply to the house with his digger bucket while back filling the hole. Southern electric were out quickly and repaired the supply in the rain without isolating the house! The man worked on the live cable wearing a thick pair of marigolds!! This means Tom has now cut off alBack fill-1l three utilities – Water, Gas and electric.

The back fill has now been competed to the top of the insulation which makes the site look much more tidy.

Back fill-4
Interesting developments on the neighbours front. Three visited the site today. One to add her voice to the original complaint about the garden and two others who were much more encouraging about what is going on. One of my “supporters” has asked me down for coffee and cakes on Friday at 10.00 am when all of the neighbours will be there. A good opportunity to calm troubled waters.

With lots of chalk scraped off the garden for back fill, we are hopefully already addressing the major issue. Watch this space.

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