Moving in day – Thursday 17th September

Sally in her basket in the new kitchen
Sally in her basket in the new kitchen

On Wednesday night, 16th September, I attended the West Berkshire planning committee meeting. A large group in inquisitorial mood with the objectors represented by two groups -Streatley Parish Council & residents of Townsend Road. Furthermore the chairman of the committee is also a resident of Streatley and he declared a conflict of interest and stepped down for my agenda item so that he too could speak against my application.

I was alone and felt somewhat outnumbered. After 2 hours of cross questioning and debate the matter was put to a vote. Unanimous acceptance of the planning department’s recommendation that my landscape plan be accepted – YES!!!

The Streatley ward councillor asked for the condition be kept that I could not occupy my home until all works were complete. The senior planner said that he felt this was a draconian requirement and it was dropped. My planning case officer confirmed after the meeting that I am free to move in. She said there will be some constraints РI have to provide details of the current levels and will not be able to exceed them, also I have to build a small retaining wall between my garden and next door Рbut importantly I do not have to remove the chalk spoil from site and I can have a somewhat level garden.

So 1 year 6 months and 14 days after the old chalet bungalow was knocked down, I moved into my new home (Such a shame it was after Clare and her family’s visit). There is still work to be done in the house and lots more outside but now it starts to feel like home.

My eternal thanks to Chris and Ann for letting Sally and I live in their garage room for the intervening period. Friends and family are the real important things in life, not bricks and mortar – they only make a house.

5 thoughts on “Moving in day – Thursday 17th September”

  1. Hi Mick,

    That is great news, Congratulations! It sounds like your meeting was like the courtroom scene in To Kill a Mockingbird, only you got the right result. I trust your neighbours are now going to forget their animosity and act like real neighbours should. See you soon. Jane & Dick.

  2. I am so pleased for you both Mick and very proud of you for overcoming almost insurmountable odds of some very small minded people. To keep calm(on the outside) and argue cogently and rationally in the face of considerable opposition is a phenomenal achievement and testament to your ability and character. Yes, a pity that Clare and family were not there to witness your triumph but they did see what you have achieved in re-inventing Lough Down. Well done mes amis. Enjoy your lovely home together

  3. Fantastic news Mick, it is reassuring that common sense has finally prevailed. Time for celebration I think. I hope you will be able to relax a bit now and start to enjoy your fabulous new home. Pete and Dilys

    1. Pete & Dilys, Thanks for your encouraging words. The last two weeks with Clare here and all the planning issues has been very stressful. Looking forward to enjoying things a bit more as you so rightly say.


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