Moving out – Thursday 27th February

A big day, everything has to leave the house. It will either: –

  • Go into Storage in Wallingford (Do really need all of this old stuff?)
  • Move down to the study bedroom I will be living in for the next “six months”(not much room for Sally – my flat coat retriever and me)
  • Be donated to Sue Ryder (they only want nearly new items).
  • Freecycled (Items were snapped up within half an hour)
  • Or collected by the council for disposal (£51.50 to collect two old sofas and a washing machine which needs s subtle kick to encourage it to work!)

Disaster –  the removers having told me it will all fit in one container (£60 per month) can’t get it all in. Hire another container for a few items or distribute amongst friends and family (Thank you Angie x)

First night in Tim’s old bedsit not too bad.

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