Steel delivered

Blinding the basement floor

At the start of week 3 the building really starts – rather than the destruction up to this point. The bottom of the hole has been blinded with sharp sand and is now completely flat and level at the the required height.

Basement floor b 34

The steel lorry arrives

The reinforcing steel has been delivered (Approximately 7 tons of steel mesh and rebar).

Offloading the steel
Off loading the steel

The construction of the shuttering for the basement floor slab is underway.

Shuttering for the floor slab
Shuttering for the floor slab

One thought on “Steel delivered”

  1. Mick

    Fantastic progress, very impressive.
    The weather is being kind too!
    We also loved the pictures of Sidney with his time capsule.
    What a lovely idea!

    Pete and Dilys

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